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Pat McLaughlin Scholarship


The chapter set up this scholarship to honor the memory of our member Pat McLaughlin. Pat was heavily involved in all aspects of the blasting industry since 1973 and provided his vast expertise in both the mining and construction trades throughout North and South America, until his passing in 2010. 

This scholarship is for post-secondary students who are a direct relative of a member of our Chapter. It is also available to Secondary applicants who are members of both the ISEE and the ISEE Western Canada Chapter.


Available to anyone registered in post-secondary education at a college or university

  • Will not be limited to students taking courses having a possible connection to the explosives industry

  • We are not particularly interested in a student's GPA, but they must be in good standing with the institution

  • Candidates leaving high school and moving to post-secondary studies are eligible

  • Submission of a written essay, at minimum 500 word, which should:

  • Be on any subject that interests the candidate (ie: a school project, hobby interest, fiction or poetry)

  • Include a brief explanation on why the candidate deserves the scholarship​

  • Include a brief explanation on how the scholarship will benefit the candidate

  • Candidates must be Canadian Citizens or landed Immigrants

  • Other documents may be required, such as resume, transcripts or letter of acceptance


​The awarded funds will be a one-time payment and are to be applied towards the following items:

  • Tuition fees

  • Parking passes at the educational institution

  • Student union fees

  • Course books or software

  • Residence fees

  • School supplies, including but not limited to computers and tablets

Fine Print

  • ​The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to withhold awarding of the scholarship if no eligible candidates apply or if the work submitted is not of sufficient quality.

  • If two or more, candidates are judged to be of equal standard, the award may be divided.

  • The successful recipient will be invited to receive their scholarship funds at the Annual Conference. Reasonable travel and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed by the Chapter.

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