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The ISEE Western Canada Chapter is pleased to offer training opportunities for Blasters. These courses are great for new blasters or as a refresher to keep you at the forefront of the industry.


ISEE Level 1 - Blaster Training

Price: $250

When:  At Annual Conference

Developed by some of the most seasoned, knowledgeable leaders in the blasting community, and based off the 18th Edition Blaster's Handbook, the ISEE certificate program is the complete basic training program on blasting technology. This course covers a wide range of blasting topics.

Blasters Training L2L2-01.png

ISEE Level 2, Lesson 2 - Quarry Blasting

Price: $250

When: At Annual Conference

This is a comprehensive performance lesson that focuses on drilling and blasting in quarries. Enrolees will study all practical blasting applications and submit a 25-question exam. Topics include safe and effective blast pattern design, vibration monitoring and drilling.

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ISEE Blasters Training Webinar

Price: $400 or $100 per section

When: On demand

A four-part web series sponsored by Nelson Brothers and Orica. Each part is approximately 4.5 hours in length. Topics include, Fundamentals of Blast Design, Preventing Flyrock, Blaster's Math, Good Blast Reports, Vibration Level One, Geology Level One, Preventing Misfires through Good Blast Design, etc. 

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