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ISEE Level 2  - Quarry Blasting

Price: $250

When: At Annual Conference

Length: 8.5 hours

This is a comprehensive performance lesson that focuses on drilling and blasting in quarries. Enrolees will study all practical blasting applications and submit a 25-question exam. Topics include safe and effective blast pattern design, vibration monitoring and drilling.


  • Efficient Quarry BlastingFocuses site evaluation, ground vibration and air blast restrictions, fragmentation requirements, displacement restrictions, rock blast-ability and face conditions

  • Basic and Advanced Surveying TechniquesFocuses on burden determination, borehole deviation measurements, bench height, blast hole diameter and charge diameter.

  • Initial Blast DesignFocuses on bench height, burden, spacing, stemming, sub-drill, decking and powder factor calculation.

  • Drill Fleet Selection

  • Explosives Selection

  • Overall Cost Control

  • Blast Tie-in Design

  • Bench Preparation

  • Pattern Layout

  • Drilling

  • Explosive Quality Control

  • Blast Hole Loading and Blast Firing Controls

  • Blast Reports

  • Public Relations

  • Performance Analysis

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